What is a Comp Card?

Composite Card of Layla Ong
The most important item for a model.

A comp card (composite card) is the model’s business card. It contains the agency contact information, model’s name, photos, and stats. The standard model comp card size is A5 or 5.5″ x 8.5″.

A comp card is usually double-sided. On one side, it has the model’s name, stats, and headshot. The headshot should show the model’s features clearly. If the model’s face is covered, clients might assume that the agency is trying to cover a flaw.

Model’s stats to include:

  • Height
  • Vital stats (bust/chest, waist, hips)
  • Hair colour
  • Eye colour
  • Shoe size

On the other side, showcase 4 or 6 photos from the model’s portfolio. The photos should show off the model’s range. This will act as a concise portfolio of the model. The agency’s contact information is usually found on this side of the comp card as well.

When to Use a Comp Card?

Often, there are job requests coming into the agency looking for a certain kind of model. For example, caucasian female with blonde hair. The booker will compile the comp cards of all the models who fit this description and send it over to the client. The client will then choose who they want to cast or select based on the comp cards. This is why the photos on the comp card should present the best of the model’s portfolio.

A model should always bring their portfolio book and comp card for casting. During casting, the client will look through the portfolio book and request for a comp card. The comp card helps the client track who to shortlist and which agency represents them. It is likely that a model without a comp card would not be shortlisted. Therefore, it is important to inform your agency if you are running low on comp cards.

Updating Your Comp Card

The photos on the model’s comp card need to reflect his/her current appearance. If a model has made significant changes to his/her appearances (different hair length or colour), the comp card needs to be updated. The photos will also need to be replaced if there are newer and better photos (magazine covers, international fashion shows, major campaigns, etc.).

The booker is the best person to determine which photos to put on the comp card. They have the industry expertise and experience to know what kind of photos will work and land the model jobs.

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