Should I Get A Tattoo?

Getting inked is a common way to express one’s individuality. Every now and then, models come into the agency asking if they can have a tattoo. The Head Booker’s answer is always ‘no’. Here’s why.

A visible tattoo will most likely hinder your chance of getting a job. Even more so in the modelling industry. Tattoos are called ‘job stoppers’ for a reason.

But can I get a tattoo that is not visible?

That defeats the purpose of getting a tattoo isn’t it?

Girl with tattoo on arm

Selling An Image

Models need to be able to portray different roles. Having a tattoo will limit the amount of roles you can play. Not only does tattoos send out a message, they also distract from the main product and brand image. This is especially important when you need to model lingerie and swimwear.

Tattoos can be covered up with makeup or Photoshop, but these processes are time-consuming and cost money. Most clients would rather give the job to a model without a tattoo.

If you feel a tattoo might hinder you during castings, cover it up before arriving. There are also laser removal treatments available.

Even if the job requires a model with tattoos, it can be solved with body paints and fake tattoos.

But I Really Want One

If you are stubborn and do decide to commission a tattoo, consider its design, size and placement with care. Tattoos are a lot like accessories. What is fashionable now might look dated the year after.

Settle on a style that is either personal or makes a statement about who you are. A compromise might be to have a small tattoo placed where it can be concealed. If you can wait, get the tattoo after you have stopped modelling.

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  • megara 2 years ago

    Hi, I would like to know how the models keep their underarms white, i’ve been trying to do so with scrubbing and all but it was not working.