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Makeup Lesson for Models

Your face is one of your greatest assets when it comes to modelling. All models new to our agency have to go through a series of training; knowing how to put on proper makeup is one of them. Your face is the first thing the client notices about you. It is important to attend castings in the appropriate makeup in order to create a good impression.

Our models learnt how to put on different types of makeup according to their features. The most fun part of makeup has to be contouring the face. Isn’t it amazing that makeup can alter the shape of your face? Joy also brought up some important points to look out for when buying makeup tools. Do you know that there are different eyelash curlers for Asian and Caucasian eyes? I didn’t know that! The flatter curler is for Asian while the one with more curvature is for Caucasian eyes.

The models also learnt how to remove their makeup and keep their faces clean. They were then required to put on the makeup they have learnt earlier in the day. They were then taught how to tame and style their hair.

I like the fact that Joy and Violet emphasised on the importance of sunscreen. Many young girls do not understand the harm the sun can do to their skin until it is too late. The sun can do a lot of damage to your skin not visible to the naked eye. Do you know the lights in your house and the computer monitor can do damage to your skin as well? Get a good product with a good SPF number.

We let all our models attend these lessons because these are important skills that go beyond modelling. These skills will definitely come in handy in life.

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